Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

General Information

  1. Where is Enabler used?
  2. Enabler Server System Requirements
  3. Which pump types does the Enabler support?
  4. Does Enabler support multiple pump models/manufactures?
  5. Will I need to know how to set up pumps?
  6. How many pumps and nozzles can the Enabler support?
  7. How many grades can the Enabler support?
  8. Why use the Enabler for IFSF?
  9. Does Enabler support Outdoor Payment Terminals (OPT)?

Pump Troubleshooting

  1. How do I identify a pump for compatibility?
  2. Pump Communications Fault Finding
  3. Advanced Settings For Pump Configuration
  4. How To Install A Pump Driver Hot Fix
  5. Troubleshooting Price Change Issues
  6. The pump and Enabler displays show different values, is this a bug?

Operating Systems

  1. International Language Support In Enabler
  2. Which Operating Systems will the Enabler work with?
  3. Windows Security Considerations Using Enabler
  4. Why don't Enabler sounds work on Windows XP?

Installation and Database Management

  1. Which SQL Server Databases (and service packs) work with Enabler?
  2. Database Permission Denied: SQL Server Security Changes In SQL 2008
  3. How do I automatically install Enabler?
  4. Install error: "Cannot find the source file [filename] to install."
  5. Install error: "Setup cannot continue because some system files are out of date on your system..."
  6. Install error: "Password validation failed. The password does not meet Windows policy requirements because it is too short."
  7. Enabler Software Activation Explained
  8. Troubleshooting Client To Server Connection Issues
  9. How do I install the Enabler Express driver?
  10. How do I install the Windows Enabler Card driver?
  11. Enabler Device Driver Issues
  12. How do I identify which version of Enabler is installed?
  13. Enabler Database Backup and Restore
  14. How do I migrate Enabler from one PC to another?
  15. How do I completely uninstall Enabler?
  16. Using Enabler With a Laptop (Notebook)

Diagnostics and Testing

  1. What does this pump icon mean?
  2. Using the ITL Pump Simulator (MPPSim)
  3. Diagnosing Enabler Card (RS232/485 Loopback)
  4. Error message: "Server execution failed."
  5. How do I check my Enabler PCI Card firmware version?
  6. How do I check my Enabler Express Card firmware version?
  7. Updating Enabler PCI Firmware
  8. Updating Enabler Express Firmware
  9. Controlling the Enabler Pump Server Service
  10. Enabler Card Diagnostic LEDs
  11. Enabler Log Files and Configuration

Hardware Related Questions

  1. How can I connect an IFSF price sign?
  2. What is an FDM?
  3. Installation Recommendations For FDMs
  4. Selecting a Power Supply For FDMs
  5. Why does this new FDM have different connectors?
  6. Protection Against Damage From Lightning Strikes
  7. How do I configure Enabler for UPS monitoring?
  8. Enabler Card DB25 Pinouts
  9. Where is the Enabler card serial number?
  10. How can I make a warranty claim?

Operation and Functionality

  1. Hose/Grade Mapping Fundamentals
  2. How can I use Enabler to monitor pump activity?
  3. Setting Up Attendant Mode
  4. How To Use Price Levels
  5. Site Mode Configuration Restrictions For Australia
  6. What are Offline deliveries?
  7. How do I schedule future price changes?

Software Development

  1. Can I develop Enabler applications in Java using Eclipse?
  2. Can I use the Enabler API in my VS .NET App?
  3. Can I use The Enabler ActiveX controls from within an ATL Windows Service EXE?
  4. Can I use FoxPro to develop an Enabler application?
  5. Can I use Progress.NET to develop an Enabler application?
  6. Can I develop Enabler Application in Java?
  7. Can I develop Enabler Application in .NET?
  8. Can I develop Enabler Application in COM?
  9. Can I develop Enabler Application in iOS?

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Making Payment for Goods or Services

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Connecting Pumps

We also provide guides describing how to connect Supported Pumps

Connecting Tank Gauges

For information about supported Automatic Tank Gauges, and how to connect them, please refer to our list of Supported Tank Gauge Consoles.

Activation FAQs

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