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The Enabler

A PCI card that provides 4 serial ports to connect forecourt devices. Includes optical isolation for reliability and LON interface for IFSF included as a standard feature. Our firmware provides intelligent serial interface supporting a wide range of protocols.

Available in PCI and PCI Express versions.

Enabler Embedded

Enabler Embedded is a new generation Forecourt Controller bringing together the ability to communicate with a wide range of forecourt devices alongside the ability to communicate to host systems and service providers over the Web. It is a compact appliance that uses advanced SMT design and cableless construction. Designed with everything you need for forecourt connection and management in one box.


  • Knowledge & Experience

    By choosing to buy our products you also gain access to our knowledge and experience.

    As well as our technical skill, ITL has considerable experience with site automation solutions. We have developed and maintained retail automation applications and products in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.

    Our products are supported by our skilled product development team. We are available to answer your questions, share our experience and advice. The team also work to add new interfaces and features.

  • Global Coverage

    The Enabler is currently running in over 55 countries across 200 customers with over 13,000 deployments through-out the world. To see if Enabler is already in your country view our map.

  • Widest Range of Protocols

    We pride ourselves on our protocol coverage with over 70 Dispensers, Tank Gauges and Price Signs currently available and supported on Enabler and Enabler Embedded (our customers can view the full list here). The flexible architecture of Enabler allows you to use multiple protocols on a single forecourt. We continue to develop support for new protocols and devices.

  • Integrator Support

    We have a fully dedicated support team here to support integrating The Enabler into your system. We provide direct, personal support by our software developers, allocated on a rotating basis and where applicable can have one of our team on-site for more detailed analysis and support.

Industry News

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Recent ITL News

22 January 2016: Enabler Embedded 1.0.4

A new Enabler Embedded Package is now available in our Embedded downloads page. This new package includes:

  • IFSF (PDM258) Forecourt Devices are now supported.
  • REST Data API now secured by Terminal Authentication.
  • Additional optimisations and bug fixes.

4 December 2015: Enabler V4.3.3 Release

The Enabler V4.3.3 Release is now available in our downloads page.

See the Release notes for more details.

10 November 2015: Pump Driver Update

A new Pump Driver Update is now available in our downloads page. This update includes:

  • Database changes to support GC21 dispenser presets.
  • Database changes to support up to 6 hoses for Gilbarco Australia Protocol 2.
  • Censtar driver changes to support authorization.
  • Bug fixes for Bennett, IFSF, Scheidt & Bachmann, Tatsuno, Tokheim, and Wayne Dart from recent site issues.

See the Release Notes for more details.