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Family of Devices
We offer a range of Forecourt Distribution Modules (FDMs) that support specific 2, 3 or 4-wire interfaces. Registered customers can see our Pump Support page showing which FDM is required for each pump brand.

Active FDMs
A range of compact PCB designs that provide connectivity between The Enabler card and proprietary pump protocols.
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Advanced FDMs
Some protocols use hardware interfaces with special demands. FDMs designs for these are more challenging to manufacture.
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Passive FDM
A PCB designed to connect pumps that use RS-485 or IFSF/LON interfaces. Manual isolation switches for each device.
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Product Pricing

To obtain quotes or order products, please contact our sales team. Pricing is generally in US dollars.


The Enabler FAQ page has answers to a range of technical questions about our products.