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The Enabler Software Development Kit Includes...

The Enabler
Includes our PC-Based forecourt control server and client installations. Easy to install and begin development.
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Enabler Card
Enabler PCI or Enabler Express is included. With the addition of an FDM card you can connect pumps and experience The Enabler in action.
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Demo POS
Simplified example application that shows developers how The Enabler API can be used in 'visible' mode.
Full source code provided.

API Reference
Comprehensive documentation for developers is included in a help-file format for easy search and indexing.
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API Help

Pump Simulator
A software simulator is included so developers can begin working without the need for a real pump, or even a pump suitcase.
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Pump Simulator Software

Simulator Cable
A cable to connect The Enabler Card to a PC serial (COM) port is included. This allows you to use the Pump Simulator and get started developing quickly.

Support - by Developers for Developers
Our support team are able to provide help and support as you start using The Enabler. Your questions will be answered by developers who can assist you with your software development.

Source Code
Example source code showing our API used in a range of programming languages. Examples are included for C#, Java, VC++, VB6.

Source Code Source Code

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The Enabler FAQ page has answers to a range of technical questions about our products.

Enabler V4

For new and existing customers, the Enabler V4 SDK is now available to download.

To get you started, we have granted all customers who purchased our SDK (even before V4 was released) a license for the new SDK.

You can learn more about this update by reading our overview of what is new in Enabler V4.